Diamond Skulls are a York/ Manchester based alt/rock/pop band born from the prolific song writing partnership of Oliver Watkins & Simon Crossley. 

With Watkins based in York and Crossley in Manchester, the duo write and compose together from different cities.

Taken from their debut album Revelator, released in mid 2020, their first single Wanderlust is released on 9th May on all major streaming sites.

If two minds can somehow be connected through 12 notes then Diamond Skulls songs are nothing short of the brilliant truth.

The Watkins Crossley songwriting partnership is tremendous. A charismatic chord progression from one, with a moving melody from the other, delicately floating along like a butterfly fleeting between flowers.

Diamond Skulls music relates, empowers, comforts and inspires.

Their debut album, Revelator, takes you on a journey through all your emotions, igniting some you didn’t even know you had. It hurts and heals, it dances and dreams. 

Olly Watkins

Si Crossley